About us

Ground Support Contractors (GSC) have been involved in Shotcrete since 1970. GSC is a proudly Australian owned and run family business, we are a solutions driven and work with the motto of “How can we do it better?”

Starting out as an independent contractor I have been involved in the mining industry since 1989 where the majority of the work undertaken has revolved around Hard Rock Development contract work.

As most shotcrete nozzles on the market come with inherent problems. Over three years GSC developed and fine tuned a Polyurethane Nozzle system that incorporates safety, performance and quality, together with being cost effective, easy to clean and keep clean and easy to install.

GSC's hand cast polyurethane three part Nozzle System comes in 2"inch (50mm) and 2 1/2"inch (63mm) which are clamped on to a GSC mounting pipe depending on what machine is used. We have various mounting pipes to suit all machines in the market with a simple bolt's directly onto the machine application.

GSC has also developed a interchangeable height Depth Gauge to keep a consistent thickness of the applied shotcrete as specified (refer to the Youtube clip on Home page).

Please refer to the Product list and details

The consultation work we have developed with the extensive industry in-depth expertise working to the principles of optimizing the application of Shotcrete keeping three things as a priority.

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Quality

I have observed many workplaces and made suggestions on their practices and procedures . This involved trialing changes, including development, maintenance and repairs, methods of training and the introduction of systems for achieving cost savings without sacrificing quality of workmanship or product. the following areas,

  • Instructional DVD's (Depth Gauge)
  • Polyurethane Nozzle Design and Sales

Keeping the priorities in mind the following are some of the criteria I insist upon in both my work practices and when training.

  1. Demonstrating all the hazards and incidents associated with the application of Shotcrete and use of the equipment, plus what could happen with sub standard Shotcrete
  2. How to spray to a given thickness without guesswork, Keeping within the parameters of chemical usage and re entry times, rebound control and basic understanding of chemical additives. The importance of and how to stay within the parameters of the Quality Program as set. The importance of being an integral part of the mining cycle and keeping “AT FACE” time to a minimum
  3. Budgeting and co-ordinating the volume of shortcrete. The importance of testing and compliance with the mine parameters and budgets.

My observations over the years have shown that there 2 main parts to a Shotcrete operation.

  1. The operator- His ability and safety.
  2. The nozzle - It must be clean, correct air volume and chemical dose rate.

The use of a GSC Nozzle system which has been fine tuned to meet all my observations over the last 30 years and we are proud to say it is the pinnacle of the Shotcrete application industry both in Australia and overseas.

Please refer to the Product list and details