Product Details

3 Part Nozzle System - 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch - Lightweight Polyurethane

Depth Gauge Base Plate and 25mm Extensions

GSC Nozzles

  1. The Polyurethane nozzle is light weight.

  2. Extremely easy to clean and is disassembled with the removal of 1 clamp. A light tap and flush with water/air will keep the unit clean all shift.

  3. Totally safe to use, with safety chain that attaches onto the nozzle and the GSC Universal Mounting Pipe. If a blockage occurs and the nozzle tip is blown off (as designed) it's a easy retrieval of the Nozzle.

  4. Much more cost effective than is currently available, has less air demand and out performs all others across the board with meterage per cost.

  5. Very light weight thus less strain on boom movements.

  6. No sharp edges and light weight makes it safer for operator to handle

  7. Risk assessment completed and is available if required.

  8. Available in 2 sizes 2” and 2 1/2”.

  9. Bolts straight on to both Normet and Jacon machines using our GSC Universal Mounting Pipe.

GSC Applicator's & Depth Gauge System

  1. Tests have shown a saving of 30% concrete volume.

  2. Post spray checking made easy as tell tale spigot is exposed.

  3. Valuable tool for the experienced and trainee operators.

  4. Site tests have shown that the concrete meterage did not reduce but heading numbers increased.

GSC Depth Gauge Base Plate with

1 X 25 mm Extension Depth Gauge's gives

a 50mm Depth Gauge.

GSC Depth Gauge Base Plate with

1 X 25mm Extention Depth Gauge and

Interlocking Extension Depth Gauge's

GSC Depth Gauge Base Plate with

3 X 25 mm extension Depth Gauge on base plate gives a total height of 100mm Depth Gauge.

Watch our Youtube clip at 3 mins you can see it mounted on the big square plate and at 8 mins it working in action.